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Tiny House Flooring

It has been a while since our last post! I have taken a small break to try to work on our Instagram page! It is up and running well, so we are back to maintain our blog. Since it has been some time since we have done anything on the blog, we have lots to share! Today’s post is all about our tiny home’s flooring!

To start off, we did have some issues when it came to our subfloor. We made some mistakes when it came to product choice. I will go through exactly what we did, our problems, and what we are doing to fix it. I hope this helps some people out there, as I could not find anything on the web about the problems we were having. 

So, after we attached our flashing to the bottom of our trailer (you can read all about that here), we insulated the gaps. For the insulation we used R13 that we were able to cut and place into the crevasses of the trailer. This was a pretty simple process.

While researching what would be the best process for us, we noticed that quite a few people put the flashing directly on top of the trailer and built the places for the insulation on top. This minimizes the height in your home. It was recommended to us by the Volstrukt to insulate directly into the trailer. We found that it would be the best option for us by researching, as well as taking the company’s recommendation into consideration. This has worked out well for us.

We then put 7/16 plywood on top of the insulation. We had to cut and piece them together to get snug and precise fits. Once they were laid out the cracks were sealed with a silicone based glue. This is so liquids won’t leak through. Then, of course, the plywood was screwed down to the trailer.

The Problem

When it came to putting up the frame and finishing the shell of our tiny home, this took some time. When it came to our choice of plywood for our floor, we didn’t think to check its outdoor rating. We got a type that would be able to withstand¬†some weather elements, but it was a rating of 1. So with the rain and our tiny home not being sealed up for a while, our floor unfortunately began to rot.

How we Will Fix it

Volstrukt recommended Advantech from Hubert Woods as an option for our flooring. This is what the company uses to build their shells before they send them out to customers that chose that option. We should have done this in the beginning, but we have learned from our mistakes.

Since our tiny home is a completed shell, we will be ripping out the old flooring and replacing it with Advantech. We will be leaving the parts that are directly under the frame, as it wouldn’t be the best idea to take everything off.

I hope this will help someone someday to avoid the mistake we made, or will help them fix it! If you are interested in keeping up with our tiny home build, follow our page set up for tiny home updates here, or follow our Instagram for more “real-time” updates.


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