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Enjoying Bandelier National Monument

IMG_0632Bandelier National Monument is a historical site, that holds the remains of Ancestral Pueblo people’s settlement. If you are interested in learning about history, going on beautiful hikes, and/or love getting a glimpse of the New Mexico wildlife, I highly recommend you visit!

Our experience at Bandelier was a great one! Our family was definitely in love! The entire time we were there we were in awe at the landscape and the set up the Ancestral Pueblo people had!

Driving to Bandelier was a bit of a challenge for me as I am afraid of heights. My husband on the other hand said the drive up was breathtaking! As you are headed there, you are greeted by Frijoles Canyon and a twisty road overlooking it. Even if you are afraid of heights like me, it is totally worth it!

Once we got there we picked up our information guide and a booklet for the kids to get their Junior Ranger patch for Bandelier. The guide gives you what you need to know as you are going along the Main Loop trail. It’s very informative, and we enjoyed reading it as we went along. Before we took off we went over the first page of the booklet with the kids. It gave them the basics for being safe and respecting the Monument.

Off we went! We did the Main Loop trail and another trail leading to Alcove House. We spent about four hours doing just those two trail (about 2.5-3.5 miles). I wish we had more time to do the other trails. I think we would have been content with at least a full day or two.


You are allowed to climb up and take a look at the caves the Ancestral Pueblo people used. This was great to see, and to look out at the view of the forest. We were able to make it up the ladders with our kids, although for the Alcove House my husband went alone, as it was too high for my comfort for the kids.


Our kids knew not to touch or feed the wildlife, unfortunately we only saw some Mule Deer as we were leaving. In my opinion, spring is the perfect time to visit! Its not too hot, and its not icy, so its perfectly safe to climb the stair and ladders! Over all this trip was full of beauty and history. If you guys make it to Bandelier National Monument, comment how your trip went!





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