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In Honor of Spring

In honor of the beginning of spring, I have decided to share what we did today! I love plants, indoor plants, outdoor plants, I love them all! So naturally, one of my preferred activities for spring is gardening! This year I have decided to include my older son in the fun!


I don’t have much experience with doing an outdoor vegetable garden, but this year I am giving it a try. Today we started simple, my son and I planted some flowers around the area we are going to start the garden, to draw more bees.

Flowers are a pretty easy starting project, so it went rather smoothly. We went to our local co-op to buy our seeds. We picked one called Save the Bees, which you can find below.

We choose this particular one, because it provides food for over 4000 types of bees! Bees are super important for our environment. Since we want our garden to do well, naturally we want bees around! Check out this post on insect pollinated foods here.


After we got our seeds, we went straight home to plant them! We went to our backyard and started digging. We broke up the hard dirt and mixed it around. My son will never protest to playing in the dirt, so he very much enjoyed that part! I then dug the areas where I wanted the seeds placed. My son then scattered them in that area. We did this until our seeds were all out. Finally, we covered and watered them.


I hope to see our flowers coming up soon!



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