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Tiny Home Progress – Our Start

Here is a quick and informative update on our home progress.

We already have our trailer and frame. We bought our materials from the framing company Volstrukt. We choose this company because, their frames are made from steel, and they are reasonably priced.

Steel is our chosen material because, its light weight (reducing the overall weight of our home), study, and won’t rot or get pests. It also is easier to work with in our experience this far.

Our base, which is our trailer, is custom from Volstrukt as well. My husband is currently attaching galvanized sheet metal to the underbelly of the trailer. We bought our sheet metal in four different pieces, which makes attaching it a bit easier. My husband is now wishing we would have ordered the sheets in smaller sizes, which would have been a lot more help!

To attach the sheet metal, we are using screws that are drilled in through the sheet metal, then onto the frame. We are also using slow drying silicone to secure the outer edges to make sure it is water tight.

Here is our quick little update. When this is finished, we are going to move onto adding the insulation and ply wood, then onto putting up the frame. That post will be a bit longer, with some insights from my husband (who is doing the majority of the work).

If you have any questions, please leave a comment! We will do our best to answer!

For more updates, check out our page with all of our update posts here.


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