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Aquarium for a Cold Windy Day

IMG_0303Our family had plans to go hiking today, but the weather had another idea. We still could have done the hike, but we chose to do an indoor activity instead. (Checking the weather is something we need to start!)

We decided on our local aquarium, mainly because my older son kept suggesting it. He loves sharks, so he’s always excited to see one.

We love going to see all of the beautiful aquatic animals, and we want to have an educational trip. So in preparation, we printed out a free activity packet from and gathered two books to read.

One of the books we already had from a previous trip to the aquarium. The second book, All the Water in the World, I bought as a tablet version so the kids can look at it on their tablet. We choose these books because they are fun and educational for the kids. They get to learn about ocean creatures and the water cycle.

What we did at the aquarium

The nice thing about our local aquarium is, they have a theater as soon as you walk in. We went right in to see the showingfor the day. Today’s showing was on plastic in the ocean. The movie is on a continuous loop, so we go there about half way through, and stayed almost until the end (kids got a bit restless). After the movie, we talked to the kids (only my older son got the gist of it) about recycling. We are trying to incorporate more recycling in our daily life. My kids (mainly my older one) can hopefully understand a reason why we do it.

Following, the kids loved seeing all of the beautiful fish. My older son pointed out their colors, their size, and whichones creeped him out. His favorite are sharks (of course), sting rays, and all of the red fish. My little one mainly loved the sting rays.

In short, my kids love going to the aquarium. They are easily excited by the big fish swimming right next to their faces on the other side of the glass, or when a sting ray accidentally splashes them. We could go everyday and they’d still love it!

What are some things you like to do with your kids at the aquarium?



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